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Should I wait to purchase a home until the market "cools down"? Yes, if you want to potentially pay more....

"I'm just going to wait this out" is a common thought in our market here in North Idaho. Average home prices in all the cities in Kootenai county have continued to go up, year over year. Homes in Coeur d' Alene, Post Falls and Rathdrum (to name a few) hit the market and are sold in record time. Which is great if you a seller who is leaving the area. But what about those of us who are simply up-sizing or down-sizing? Or those who wish to move here from other areas?  Should you wait until prices stabilize or even...gasp!...go down? The answer is no. No, you should not wait for prices to stabilize or go down. The only "for certain" that you have is what the prices are at this moment. Our market is booming and will likely continue to do so. The same home you could buy right now might be thousands of dollars more in the coming year. Don't believe me? Read the details in the link below. 

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So you want to move to Kootenai County?

Move to North Idaho

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